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  • The following declaration is to make visitors aware of the requirements while on site at Croom Precision Medical.

    All visitors to our campus will where possible be accompanied by an employee at all times. Visitors are required to conduct themselves in a safe manner at all times. Visitors are required to observe the fire policy and in the event of an emergency they should identify themselves to an employee and they shall be escorted to the designated assembly point.
    Please make contact upon arrival with your designated Croom Precision Medical Employee who is hosting the visit.

    Visitor Requirements while onsite.
    o Adhere to all notices and signage
    o Only use the access routes as provided
    o Take note of Emergency Exits and Emergency Evacuation Route Maps.
    o Be aware of any hazards I risks prevalent to the site (e.g. Trips, Slips, Falls, Stairwells, Flammable liquids, Hazardous chemicals, Noise, General machinery, Forklifts, Ladders)
    o Smoking is only permitted at the following designated smoking areas. Please dispose of cigarette ends and litter in the bins provided.

    Non-disclosure and photography.
    There are restrictive areas on our Croom campus and visitors may not have access to certain areas, this is due to the confidentiality of our product lines. We do not share information outside our customer specific value streams. Information that is shared is confidential between Croom Precision Medical and is specific to the needs of the individual visitor. It is a pre-condition of those visiting Croom Precision Medical that all information is deemed a confidential undertaking upon signing in with Croom Precision Medical. Photographs and video footage is not permitted within the Croom campus. Certain information may be shared and your host will cover this once consulted.

    Your sign in is an acknowledgement of your agreement and understanding of these requirements.
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