AddiHive Ltd enables serial additive manufacturing in highly regulated aerospace and medical industries through market leading innovative solutions such as the proprietary technology in Powderloop and Powderclean.. Additive Manufacturing or 3D printing in metals is disrupting these global market segments at an accelerating pace where new approaches and engineering challenges are presented for part quality, system validation and process control.





AddiHive has a vision of accelerating the uptake of additive manufacturing and disruptive technologies from the SME right through to the multinational in a bid to meet market demands in the challenging aerospace and medical fields. We are in a constant research development and innovation state of mind where where strive to marry evolving academia research with industry needs on a daily basis.

Our well balanced team of material scientists, additive technology engineers, quality engineers and advanced manufacturing engineers have all accumulated exceptional experience in the medical and aerospace additive industries. 

​In complementing these valued attributes, we also have a 24 CNC machine shop at our immediate disposal to facilitate our clients in every possible way.





When throughput is essential, the PowderClean automated wet powder removal system is engineered to meet the demands of volume production while ensuring consistency of every part. The varying specifications of our model range ensure a range of features are available for your quality assurance need. PowderClean is due for release in Q2 2019.


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